Why Solar Powered Generators


So solar powered generators for the most part are a source of “Renewable Energy” as long as the sun shines every day. In the event of a disaster and you find yourself with no grid power and your small fuel based generator is out of fuel you are in trouble.

Now certainly there are so many pros and cons of solar versus fuel based power production however having a back up solar generator is most cases in a good insurance policy. Getting through the day without electricity as we know if we have been there is a tough cooking and having lights at night are essential and having a fire in our homes to do these simple tasks in most cases will not work.

So learning more about a solar powered generator may be in your best interest don’t you think?

The American Society of Civil Engineers—an organization of civil engineers that represents hundreds of thousands of individuals—is the nation’s leading collective expert on infrastructure. According to several sources, America’s infrastructure is the worst of any developed nation. Neglected for decades, the things we rely upon most could literally stop working at any time.

 143+ Million US Electricity Customer VIA CNN, 2010
500000  Affected by Daily Outages  VIA CNN, 2010
$119 Billion (Yearly Cost of US Outages) VIA CNN, 2010

2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

“The United States endures more blackouts than any other developed nation…”

From the International Business Times, 2014

The United States endures more blackouts than any other developed nation